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Power Washing
services in Toronto & GTA

Power Washing Service

Professional power washing in Toronto & GTA

Power washing is one of the most effective ways clean your property. From dingy driveways, dirty decks, stained rooftops, and unsightly fences we clean it all. Our friendly technicians provide power washing Toronto residents have come to rely upon. We’ll keep your property looking great!

Power Washing

Our process consists of three important components:

We know exactly which product or cleaning technique to use in order to polish facades, concrete steps, patios, garden furniture, garage interiors, brickwork and more.

We know which tools work best for each task, so we come fully equipped for the proper cleaning of your house. We strive to stay on top of the game in terms of skills and tools.

Our pros use powerful surface cleaners to achieve the best results possible. All products are safe for use and gentle to the environment.

Full Services

Providing full residential & commercial services, we clean all areas of your home or commercial space

We achieve sparkling and shining surfaces for homeowners and business owners in a wide variety of situations:

  • Strip malls, shopping malls, apartments
  • Houses, townhomes, condos, and stratas
  • Parkades, parking lots
  • Outside tennis courts, basketball courts
  • Graffiti and gum removal
  • Post construction cleanup
  • Awnings and illuminated signs
  • Paint and sticker preparation and stripping

Our professional power washing service is appropriate for any surface that can withstand pressure. We often clean concrete, stone, tiles, metal, wood, and plastic.

Note: Power washing for painted surfaces is not recommended as it could take off the paint. We use other more appropriate cleaning methods for jobs of such nature.

The cleaning specialists will visit you equipped with all the tools needed for the job. What we ask you for is hot running water and electricity, Additionally, it’s a plus if the area has proper drainage. The whole performance of the service will be cleaner and smoother.

These are the factors we take into consideration before providing you with a final quote:

The size of the area that needs to be cleaned;
The type of surface;

Contact us with further details about the service you’re looking for & we will provide you with a FREE quote!

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