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Leaky gutter

Mysterious drawings of gutters: what they can tell about your home

Unfortunately, when we think about our home, tell our friends about it, describe it to someone, gutters are not the first thing that comes to mind. However, they serve not only to drain water after rain or snow. The mysterious patterns and marks that can be seen in your gutters can provide some very interesting information about the condition of your home. Let’s look at what these pictures could mean and how you can use them to predict problems and call DT Cleaning professionals on time.

Mysterious drawings:

If you look inside the gutters you can see various marks and patterns. These can be traces of water, dirt accumulation, traces of rust, as well as various growths or parasites such as lichens or mosses. These patterns can be a sign of various problems, such as clogs, hidden damage, or even problems with the roof.

What do gutter signs and designs tell you about your home?

They can be warning signs of problems that could turn into serious problems for your home. For example, the presence of large amounts of dirt and sediment may indicate blockages, which can lead to roof flooding and foundation damage. Signs of rust may indicate problems with the drainage system, and the presence of lichens may indicate moisture and poor ventilation.

Why is it worth ordering the services of a professional company DT Cleaning and not solving problems yourself?

You may be able to identify the problem that has appeared in your gutters yourself, but still do not neglect accurate diagnostics from professionals. Hiring the services of our professional company can help identify and fix problems and prevent serious damage to your home.


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