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Myths and Realities: What You Didn’t Know About Window Cleaning

You might be hearing lots of wrong ideas about how to take care of your windows. Let’s debunk some of these myths and uncover the reality behind window cleaning.

Myth 1: Rain Automatically Cleans Windows

Reality: While rainwater may rinse off some dust, it doesn’t provide a thorough cleaning. Rain can leave mineral deposits and streaks, diminishing the clarity of your windows over time. So the only thing left after the rain is dirt and a spoiled view from the window.

Myth 2: Newspapers are the Secret to Sparkling Windows

Reality: Using newspapers to clean windows is an old trick, but it can leave ink smudges and streaks.

Myth 3: Homemade Solutions Work as Well as Professional Cleaners

Reality: Homemade solutions may work for minor dirt, but they often lack the strength to tackle stubborn stains, hard water deposits, and provide a lasting shine. Professionals from DT Cleaning use specialized products for a more effective and long-lasting result.

Myth 4: Window Cleaning Doesn’t Work Well on Cloudy Days

Reality: Cleaning windows on cloudy days is beneficial. On sunny days, the heat can cause cleaning solutions to dry quickly, leaving streaks. Cloudy days provide a more forgiving environment for achieving a spotless finish.

Myth 5: Window Screens Stay Clean Without Regular Cleaning

Reality: Window screens accumulate dust, pollen, and grime, impacting air quality and the overall cleanliness of your home. Regularly cleaning screens is essential for maintaining a healthy living space.

If you do not believe these myths, you will give your windows the care they deserve. And the best care for your windows is hiring DT Cleaning Company. Contact us today at +16475588411 or info@dtcleaning.ca for top-notch window cleaning services.

Invest in the clarity and longevity of your windows – your home will thank you!


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