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Optimal Window Cleaning Methods and Products for Homes with Pets

Every dog and cat owner absolutely loves their furry friends, but they can often leave behind paw prints, nose stains and fur on windows. Cleaning windows in homes with pets requires a specialized approach to ensure optimal glass cleanliness and safety.

While some may attempt to clean windows themselves, the experience and specialized products offered by professional window cleaning companies are essential to effectively addressing the unique challenges posed by pets and keeping your windows in pristine condition.

Having a furry friend in the home is a great blessing, but unfortunately, they create problems for homeowners such as drool, fur, and nose prints that leave unsightly streaks and stains on windows. Traditional cleaning methods, such as using a scraper or paper towels, may not be effective at removing pet marks and may even cause further smudging and streaking. Professional window cleaning companies like DT Cleaning use specialized cleaning products and equipment to effectively remove pet hair and other debris from windows without damaging the glass.

The special problems associated with cleaning windows in homes with pets make you think about ordering window cleaning services. Our company is your best choice. DT Cleaning’s professional experience, specialized equipment, and perfectionism make us the best company for keeping windows clean and safe in homes with pets. Don’t let pet hair, saliva, and nose prints detract from the beauty of your property—partner with our professional window cleaning company to maintain spotless windows in any environment.


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