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Window Cleaning in Buildings with Wooden Frames: Care Features for Glass in Historic Structures

Not every person knows how and understands the importance of keeping windows clean in buildings with wooden frames, especially in historical buildings. The historical significance and fragility of the material of such buildings require a thorough and very careful approach to window cleaning. The professionals at DT Cleaning are well-versed and trained to handle such delicate tasks.

Historic buildings often have complex wooden frames, and if handled carelessly during the window cleaning process, they can be damaged. For example, it is strictly forbidden to use harsh chemicals or harsh cleaning tools when washing, as they can damage the wood and compromise the integrity of the frame. Our window cleaning team are knowledgeable and experienced, using gentle yet effective cleaning methods that ensure your timber frames remain intact while your glass surfaces look pristine and clean.

Additionally, the height and accessibility of windows in historic buildings can pose safety issues for cleaners who lack the experience and specialized equipment to reach the site of contaminants. Our company is equipped with the necessary safety equipment and our professionals have the experience to handle these tasks safely and effectively.

It is important to understand the value and history of these buildings while still ensuring that their windows are clean and maintained. By choosing DT Cleaning, building owners can be confident that the delicate care required for windows in historic buildings will be provided professionally. Our window cleaners’ experience and specialist knowledge make them the perfect choice for maintaining the pristine appearance of windows in timber-framed buildings, preserving the historical significance of these architectural treasures.

In conclusion, the special care required to clean windows in timber-framed buildings, especially historic structures, highlights the importance of outsourcing this task to professional window cleaning companies. Our experience, specialized techniques, and commitment to preserving the integrity of historic buildings make us the ideal choice for providing window cleaning and maintenance to these historic landmarks.


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