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Window Cleaning in Hot Climate Conditions: How to Avoid Streaks and Water Spots from Drying

For homeowners in hot climates, washing windows is like a competition between a rag and water, because due to its rapid evaporation, streaks and stains appear on the windows. And in order for the rag to “win”, you need to apply a complex washing process using special methods to achieve an impeccable result. To ensure clean windows in hot climates, it is recommended that you hire a professional window cleaning company. like our company DT Cleaning.

As we already said, when washing windows in hot climates, the rapid evaporation of water can leave unsightly streaks and stains on the glass. Where do these stains come from if the water seems to be clean? These are simply minerals or micro-particles of dirt that increase in number as water evaporates and become visible. Our professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively address these issues, using purified water and specialized cleaning solutions to prevent streaking and staining during the cleaning process. They have the necessary safety equipment, including seat belts and ladders, which will allow you to quickly and effectively wash windows to perfect cleanliness, even in the most difficult working conditions, such as direct sunlight or strong winds with dust.

Washing windows in hot climates without the experience or equipment will not help you prevent streaks and water stains that will ruin the overall appearance of your building. By turning to DT Cleaning services, you will be confident that your windows are perfectly clean even in the most difficult climatic conditions.

In conclusion, the problems that arise in hot climates highlight the importance of hiring a professional window cleaning company if not everyone can handle them. Our DT Cleaning team’s experience, specialized equipment, and commitment to impeccable results make us the ideal choice for window cleaning and maintenance in hot climates.


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